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The DC-DC module power supply is a power supply that can be directly mounted on the printed circuit board. Its characteristics are that it can be an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), digital signal processor (DSP), microprocessor, memory, and field programmable gate. Array (FPGA) and other digital or analog loads provide power. Generally speaking, this type of module is called a point-of-load (POL) power supply system or a point-of-use power supply system (PUPS). Due to the many advantages of modular structure, modular power supplies are widely used in switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communications, microwave communications, optical transmission, routers and other communications fields, as well as automotive electronics, aerospace, and so on. As a domestic senior module power supply technology application research and development manufacturer, Shunyuan Technology, based on years of R&D and production experience and extensively collected by technical service engineers, provides valuable feedback from users in various environments on the industrial site. While improving various technical indicators, some technical problems encountered by engineers on site will be recorded, collected and sorted out, hoping to provide users with some technical references and on-site application solutions support. In the future, if we collect more solutions to technical problems, we will update the information in time. Users are welcome to send the problems or complaints and suggestions encountered in the field application to our company's technical support mailbox; 

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