Answers to frequently asked questions about two-wire four-digit LED display and control instrument products

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The two-wire four-digit LED digital display instrument can be divided into digital display instrument, digital display alarm instrument, and multi-function digital display control instrument according to the function of the instrument. , Scale conversion and count display five parts. According to the form of the input signal, it is divided into voltage type: the input signal is an analog voltage or current (0-5V/4-20mA) signal, and the frequency type: the input signal is a frequency (Hz) signal. The display control instrument can be coordinated with different sensors (transmitter/PLC/DCS) to measure pressure, temperature, flow, level, speed and other parameters and display the measured results in digital form. It has an intuitive display and no human intervention. The advantages of visual error, rapid response, and high accuracy have been widely used in various industries. As a domestic senior display control instrument technology application research and development manufacturer, Shunyuan Technology, based on years of R&D and production experience and extensively collected by technical service engineers, provides valuable feedback from users in various environments on the industrial site, and gradually, without affecting product performance. While improving various technical indicators, we will record and collect some technical problems encountered by engineers on site, hoping to provide users with some technical references and on-site application solutions support. In the future, if we collect more solutions to technical problems, we will update the information in time. Users are welcome to send any problems or complaints and suggestions encountered in the field application to our company's technical support mailbox:;

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