Sunyuan the newest product: Pt100 temperature to frequency signal isolation transmitter IC

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SunYuan Technology takes "customer's success, our value" as its business philosophy,acccording to the requirements of ISO 2012 quality technology management system and insists on improving and innovating working, continuously improving product quality, reducing production cost, expanding product application range, Introduce new research and development products. In order to adapt to the current situation of the rapid development of electronic information technology and to meet the needs of customer product innovation and upgrading.
     SunYuan Technology has more than 10 years of experience in design, production and application of DC-DC converters, isolation amplifier transmitters, data acquisitions and two-wire transmission meters. The company's professional team of engineers has absolute technical advantages over competitors in the same industry in terms of deeper understanding and design knowledge. Users need to solve signal interference, load matching, ground cable isolation, power isolation conversion, data acquisition, and signal. Industrial field applications such as isolation, data acquisition, and AD/DA conversion offer many of solutions. The company has long been focusing on the research and development of high-end technology applications for sensor analog signal acquisition, isolation amplifier and transformation and the industry that needs a large number of key electronic components in emerging industries such as rail transit, power grid transformation, wind energy solar power generation, and electric vehicles. The requirements match. The product design of company meet international standards and meet industrial-grade vibration, high and low temperatures and other harsh environments. Products are widely used in robots, nuclear power, communications, instrumentation, medical facilities, industrial intelligence, mining equipment, smart home, automotive electronics, security, shipbuilding, radio and television, military and other industries.

SunYuan ISO Z-W-P-F series isolation transmitter IC is a digital pulse frequency signal hybrid integrated circuit that converts the Pt100/Cu50 thermal resistance sensor analog signal into a digital pulse frequency signal that is linearly proportional to the temperature change. The IC converts the thermal resistance signal into a unit pulse frequency signal and then isolates the output, which can significantly enhance the signal anti-interference ability and is advantageous for long-distance distortion-free transmission. The product can complete the AD conversion and the radio frequency signal modulation wireless remote transmission through connected to the counter of the single-chip microcomputer, and also can be combined with the optical transceiver module to carry out the optical fiber remote transmission.
The module integrates high-efficiency DC-DC, it can generate two sets of isolated power supplies to the internal input end of the thermal resistance long-line compensation circuit, linearization processing circuit, voltage amplification adjustment circuit, precision voltage frequency conversion circuit, frequency division circuit, Isolation anti-interference suppression circuit power supply and output output circuit power supply. It is especially suitable for the isolation and conversion of the thermal resistance signal into digital pulse frequency signal, temperature signal transmission and distortion-free remote transmission, temperature signal acquisition and isolation of industrial field PLC or DCS system. The internal SMD process structure and new technology isolation measures enable the device to achieve: operating power / signal input / output 3000VDC three isolation, and can meet the industrial requirements of wide temperature, humidity, vibration, the harsh working environment.   
ISO Z-W-P-F series temperature signal isolation amplifier is very convenient to use. Users only need external zero point and full potentiometer to calibrate to realize the isolation and transmission of Pt100 thermal resistance sensor signal into unit pulse frequency signal. The product can be customized according to the user's industrial field custom parameter requirements. The installation method is standard SIP 16Pin PCB board soldering installation or standard DIN 35 rail mounting. It is especially suitable for occasions such as frequency modulation and phase modulation, AD conversion, GPRS/GMS wireless data transmission, digital thermometer, data measuring instrument, etc., which need to realize Pt100 thermal resistance signal isolation transmission in instrumentation and industrial intelligent remote telemetry remote control equipment. It can realize the function of long-distance transmission of industrial field temperature control signals 1-input&1-output, 2-input&2-output. Products are widely used in metallurgical mining, petrochemical, power equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation, new energy facilities and military research and other fields, users can choose the right products according to the needs of the site.
Picture1 ISO Z-W-P-F Series Isolation Transmitter Block Diagram
Product maximum rating(Operate in the maximum rated environment for long-term which will be effects the service life of the product. Exceeding the maximum value may cause irreparable damage.)

Continuous Isolation Voltage                                                         3000VDC/rms
Power(The maximum range of power supply voltage input)                                 ±25%/VD
Junction Temperature                                                               - 40 ~ +85 ℃
Storage Temperature                                                                +125℃
Lead Temperature ( The Highest temperature of installation soldering  <10S)              +300℃
General parameters

Accuracy, linearity error level----0.2grade(Relative temperature ) Backlash   ------------ <0.5%
Working temperature ----------  -40 ~ +85℃   Isolation ------------ Signal input / output Two isolation
Working humidity -------10 ~ 90% ( No condensation ) Response time --------------  ≤100mS
storage temperature ----------  -45 ~ +105℃     Pressure resistance --3KV(60HZ / S), Leakage current  <1mA
Storage humidity ---------10 ~ 95% ( No condensation )   Withstand voltage  --------3KV, 1.2/50us( Peak )
Auxiliary power supply----------  5V/12V/15V/24V DC Single power supply Insulation resistance  -------------- ≥100MΩ
Model nunber and definition                                   
Product selection example:
Example 1: Input: Pt100, temperature range -20-100 °C; output: 0-5KHz (5V voltage pulse); Auxiliary power supply: 24V; IC package
     Product model: ISO Z1-W1-P1-F1
Example 2: Input: Cu50, temperature range 0-100 °C; output: 0-5KHz (5V voltage pulse); auxiliary power supply: 12V; IC package
    Product model: ISO Z4-W2-P2-F1
Example 3: Input: Pt100, temperature range 0-150 °C; Output: 0-10KHz (5V voltage pulse); Auxiliary power supply: 24V.  1-input &1-output, rail-mounted packaging
     Product model: DIN 1X1 ISO Z1-W3-P1-F2
Example 4: Input: Pt100, temperature range 0-200 °C; output: 0-10KHz (open collector); auxiliary power supply: 5V; IC package
    Product model: ISO Z1-W4-P3-F5
Example 5: Input: Pt100, temperature range 0-150 ° C; Output: 0-5 KHz (collector open circuit); Auxiliary power supply: 24V.  2-input&2-output rail-mounted packaging
    Product model: DIN 2X2 ISO Z1-W3-P1-F4
Technical Parameters                         

parameter name Test Conditions Min Typical value Max Unit
Isolation voltage 1min 1500 3000   VDC
Nonlinearity (for temperature)     0.2 0.5 %FSR
Signal output Voltage pulse   3.3 5 24 V
Open collector Resistive load <100mA 5V/2K 24V/15K 30V/20K Ω
Response time     100   mS
Voltage pulse
High level   3.3 5 24 V
Low level   0   0.5 V
Output temperature drift     100   ppm/℃
Auxilairy power supply Voltage Customized 3.3 24 30 VDC
Current VD=24V   30   mA
Auxiliary power consumption   0.8 1 1.5 W
Working temperature   -40   85
Storage temperature   -55   125
Pin function description


Thermal resistance
A end
Thermal resistance
B end
Thermal resistance
B end
Zero point
Zero point
Zero point
Full scale adjustment 1 Full scale adjustment 2 Empty foot Auxiliary power positive terminal Auxiliary power supply negative Empty foot frequency output  Positive Frequency output negative
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9,10 11 12 13,14 15 16
Remarks: 1. When inputting two-wire thermal resistance, short-circuit the 2nd and 3rd pins (the thermal resistance input B terminal); when inputting the 4-wire thermal resistance, short-circuit the 1 pin and any one of the thermal resistance A terminals.
2. Thermal resistance disconnection detection: a. Output maximum value: Wire disconnection connected to 1 or 3 feet; b. Output minimum value: Wire disconnection connected to 2 feet.
Product calibration method
Calibration equipment: one resistor box with a precision of 0.01 ohm, one DC power supply, one frequency meter or one with a frequency measurement function of more than 4 and a half multimeters.
Calibration steps:
1. Connect the product according to the application diagram, or install the product on the designed circuit board.
2. Connect the power supply according to the value of the auxiliary power supply; install the adjustment potentiometer; the output is connected to the frequency meter or multimeter.
3. According to the input temperature range, check the index table to obtain the corresponding resistance value range Rlow~Rhigh.
4. Turn on the power and turn it on for 15 minutes.
5. Adjust the resistance of the resistor box to the value equal to Rlow, and adjust the zero potentiometer so that the output corresponds to the corresponding output value of zero point (for example, 1KHz).
6. Adjust the resistance of the resistor box to a value equal to Rhigh, and adjust the amplitude potentiometer so that the output is the corresponding output value of full scale (for example, 5KHz).
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 several times to improve the output accuracy.
8. Calibration is complete.
Typical application
Application 1: Typical application of voltage pulse output

Application 2: Typical application of open collector output

Product shape and PCB layout reference size (standard SIP16 pin)
DIN35 rail mounting type: DIN 1X1 (1-input&1-output) / DIN 2X2 (2-input&2-output) Typical application
SunYuan  DINX ISO Z-W-P-F series The rail type thermal resistance signal frequency signal isolation transmitter is mainly composed of ISO-Z-W-P-F series modules of IC package. The adjustable resistors installed on the peripheral PCB board are used to adjust or correct the zero point precision and full scale output precision. PCB board size: (length * width) 79.5 * 32.5 mm. (The rail-mounted products have been tested and corrected before leaving the factory, and can be used directly by the user)
DIN35 rail-mounted type product size and pin function description (* product brand name printed on the housing)

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