10KV high voltage isolated anti-static DC-DC Converter obtained national patent

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   Sunyuan Technology is a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen in 2007 and a national high-tech enterprise in 2011-2019. The company takes "customer's success, our value" as the business philosophy, in accordance with the requirements of ISO2012 quality technology management system, insists on improving, enhancing and innovating, continuously improving product quality, reducing production cost, expanding product application range, and innovating research and development. Products to adapt to the current evolving development of electronic information technology and meet the needs of user product innovation and upgrading.  
   Sunyuan Technology has more than 17 years experience in design, production and application of DC-DC Converter, data acquisition, isolation amplifier and digital display. The whole series has more than 50 national patents and software copyrights. The company's professional team of engineers provides solutions for industrial field intelligent control and instrumentation and sensor signal interference suppression, analog signal isolation and amplification conversion, load matching, ground isolation, power isolation conversion, data acquisition, AD/DA conversion, etc. A lot of solutions.
   The patented new product of "10KV high voltage isolated anti-static DC-DC Converter" has 10,000 volts high voltage isolation and output 10,000 volt anti-pulse electrostatic function, which can isolate and resist the external terminals of ordinary instrumentation equipment. The EMC pulse electrostatic characteristics are directly upgraded and passed the safety inspection of the national grid, petrochemical, and medical industries. After installing 10KV high-voltage isolated anti-static DC-DC Converter in common power instruments and medical equipment, the safety barrier isolation voltage of CAN bus, Ethernet RJ45, RS232/RS485 bus interface terminal is externally connected to instrumentation equipment due to high isolation electrical characteristics. The value can be upgraded to 10KVAC high isolation and anti-EMC pulse group electrostatic protection function, which greatly improves the safe use characteristics of the equipment.
Sunyuan the newest developed WHB series 10KV high voltage isolation anti-static DC-DC Converter adopts wide creepage distance and new isolation material technical scheme design, which meets the national power industry DL/T 614-2007 multi-function energy meter protocol standard RS232/RS485 bus control communication interface related safety regulations.It is Bus Ethernet interface intelligent control dedicated high isolation anti-EMC electrostatic pulse module power supply for current rail traffic 750V/1500V high voltage power supply monitoring, power grid load management terminal, multi-function electric energy meter, blood analyzer, life monitor and other common instrumentation equipment such as rail transit and electric power medical industry. SIP 12Pin single row in line high integration and small volume packaging technology makes the module occupy less PCB area, and has 10KVAC isolation anti-EMC pulse electrostatic characteristics and output self-recovery overload short circuit protection and high precision voltage regulation with error less than 2%. 

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