Two-wire VI and IV signal conversion 10KV high isolation transmitter obtained national patent at the same time

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 The newest products developed by Sunyuan Technology with international leading technology in the industry: two-wire passive analog signal VI conversion (ISOH V-4-20mA) and IV conversion (ISOH 4-20mA-O) 10,000V high isolation transformer obtained national patents at the same time.

  SunYuan  ISOH V-4-20mA is the newly developed 10KVAC highest isolation        voltage, small size (16 pin single line SIP16 Pin) low-cost passive two-wire sensor voltage signal to 4-20mA isolated transmitter module in the industry . The module can provide a set of 5V (3mA) function expansion power supply to the input circuit and supply power to the pre-stage circuit through the post current current loop feeding mode, and receive the voltage signal from the output of the pre-stage circuit, and output 4~20mA after isolation conversion. Standard two-wire current signal. The new product can realize high precision, high linearity 10KV anti EMC high isolation transmission and VI conversion between industrial field passive two-wire voltage sensor and instrumentation/PLC/DCS.
  ISOH V-4-20mA product is designed as a low cost, small size, standard SIP16 Pin flame-retardant IC package that includes a signal modulation and demodulation circuit, a signal coupled isolation converter circuit and a VI conversion circuit. The product has the characteristics of wide output voltage range (12-36VDC), high conversion precision and good linearity. It is very convenient to use. Customers only need to add a small number of peripheral devices at the input end of the product to realize the distribution of voltage signals in the sensor and bridge (weighing) detection circuit of the electronic scale, displacement, potentiometer, etc. The product is small size and easy to install. It can be placed inside the sensor to directly convert the displacement and angular displacement resistance signals into a standard 4-20mA signal output. The full scale and zero point can be adjusted and calibrated by the user through an external potentiometer. The advanced integrated process structure and new technology isolation measures enable the device to achieve high signal isolation of 10,000 VAC.
  ISOH V-4-20mA series new products enable analog voltage signals from industrial field sensors and signals between instrumentation, PLC and DCS, high-precision, high linearity 10KV anti EMC high-isolation transmission and VI conversion. Products include IC package and DIN35 Rail-mounted packaging. It is widely used in track voltage monitoring, generator or motor safe operation monitoring, power transmission and distribution remote monitoring, instrumentation and sensor signal transceiver, medical equipment safety barrier, industrial automation control. nuclear power equipment and other fields etc.

  SunYuan  ISOH 4-20mA-O is the highest isolation voltage 10KVAC in the industry fied, small size (16pin single-line SIP16 Pin) low cost, two-wire passive 4-20mA to voltage signal isolation converter module. The voltage signal value can be converted by sampling acquisition isolation in a two-wire passive 4-20mA current loop without a separate power supply. The IC adopts two-wire input loop power supply mode, unique high-efficiency signal loop power-taking technology and no external working power supply, which can greatly simplify the user's system design and reduce the user wiring cost. The internet of IC including a current signal modulation and demodulation circuit, a signal coupling isolation conversion circuit, a power supply inverter circuit, a subtraction circuit, a buffer processing output circuit, etc., and a small input equivalent resistance enables the IC to be used from instruments, PLCs, and sensors. The current signal is collected in the signal loop (the voltage drop is ≤10V when the input 20mA signal is reached), and the collected current signal is isolated and converted into a voltage signal. It is convenient to realize the AD acquisition and conversion of the industrial field MCU microcontroller, DCS, FCS and other control systems. It meets the needs of the user's site without the need for an external auxiliary power supply or IV conversion transmitter to achieve long-distance, distortion-free transmission of signals.
  ISOH 4-20mA-O is often used for the isolation conversion of two-wire passive 4-20mA current to voltage signals. It has low power consumption and low heat generation (basically no temperature rise)high reliability. The internet mainly including the subtraction circuit and the amplifier buffer output circuit. These circuits bring the advantages of simplicity and reliability and also bring the limitations of use. Both the product and the 4-20 mA signal output from the sensor are isolated and transmitted from the other. From another definition it is the transmission of electric power, so there must be power loss inside. This loss is expressed in the product of the input current value and its own input voltage drop. In this case, the 4-20 mA source must have the ability to drive a 500 Ω load for the product to function properly. At present, from the practical application experience of industrial sites, most of the field instruments and sensors, PLC / DCS, etc. can meet the ability of 4-20mA signal output to drive 500Ω load.
In industrial field applications, some circuits can convert the input current signal into a voltage signal using only one I/V conversion sampling resistor. This circuit is simple but not practical. First of all, when the actual meaning is zero signal, there will be a zero current flowing through the sampling resistor. If the input current is converted to the maximum 5V voltage according to the 4~20mA input current, the zero point happens to be 1V. This 1V is sufficient in the MCU resources. At that time, it can be subtracted by the microcontroller software, but the useful voltage will leave 5-1=4VDC instead of 5VDC. Since the maximum input voltage of the A/D of the MCU is the supply voltage of the MCU, this voltage is usually 5 VDC, so it is very trouble to deal with this simple input conversion circuit. In order to achieve the number of A/D conversions, the cost of the chip will increase. . A simple way to solve the above problem is to configure a subtraction and buffer processing circuit composed of an operational amplifier before the input of the single-chip microcomputer. Increasing this level of circuit can make the processing of the zero point more convenient, without consuming the internal resources of the single-chip microcomputer, especially the single-chip microcomputer. When the A/D interface is used to accept such a zero signal and the input is not zero voltage value, the resources of the A/D conversion bit number can be fully applied to the useful signal.
  ISOH 4-20mA-O series enables high-precision, high-linearity 10KV anti-EMC high-isolation transmission and I/V conversion between industrial field sensors and instrumentation, PLC and DCS. Products include IC PCB package and DIN35 Rail-mounted packaging, It is widely used in track voltage monitoring, generator or motor safe operation monitoring, power transmission and distribution remote monitoring, instrumentation and sensor signal transceiver, medical equipment safety barrier, industrial automation control, nuclear power equipment etc other fields.

SunYuan Technology the newest products: 10KVAC high isolation analog signal isolation transmitter related product information:

1. 10KVAC high isolation DC (voltage / current) signal two isolated amplifier: ISOH A-P-O / U-P-O

2. 10KV two-wire passive 4-20mA current loop high isolation IC: ISOH 4-20mA series

3.Two-wire passive analog signal VI conversion 10KV high isolation transmitter: ISOH V-4-20mA series

4.Two-wire passive 4-20mA to voltage signal 10KV high isolation transmitter: ISOH 4-20mA-O series

5.Two-wire passive 4-20mA current loop 10KV high isolation conditioner: ISOH 4-20mA-E series

6.Two-wire passive loop feed 4-20mA signal 10KV high isolation power distributor: ISOH 4-20mA-F series

 Sunyuan Technology Isolation Amplifier Product Information For You Reference:
1.Introduction of passive multichannel 4-20mA analog signal isolator

2. Analog signal bandwidth and isolation amplifier frequency response matching technology and application
The newest application of isolation amplifier: field analog signal bandwidth and isolation transmitter frequency response matching technology  

3.1-input&2-output  analog signal isolation amplifier in IC package: ISO EM-U (A) -P-O-O

4, 6KV isolated DC (voltage / current) unidirectional signal isolation amplifier: ISO EMH

5, 4-20mA current loop isolation IC: ISO 4-20mA

6.2-input&1-output analog mean isolation transmitter: DIN 2X1 ISO C-P-O

7.Passive two-wire AC signal isolation transmitter: DIN ISO AC

8.Two-wire passive V / I conversion power distribution isolated transmitter IC: ISO V-4-20mA

9.Fiber interface analog conversion full isolated optical transceiver: OFS P-O-Q

10, millivolt analog micro signal linear isolation amplifier transmitter IC: ISO EM-SD

11.Zero, full-scale adjustable analog signal isolator amplifier IC: ISO EM U (A) -P-O-T
Zero-point, gain-adjustable analog isolation amplifier isolation transmitter IC: ISO EM U(A)-P-O-T
13、Non-isolated two-wire passive I/V converter IC :SY 4-20mA-O

14、Two-wire passive 4-20mA to voltage signal isolation transmitter: ISO 4-20mA-O 

15、Mini low cost two wire passive thermal resistance signal isolation transmitter IC: ISO Z-W-O1  

16、Mini low cost two-wire passive V/I conversion power distribution isolation transmitter IC:ISOS V-4-20mA 
17.Switching to analog multi-channel isolation transmitter:ISO K-P-O
18、Analog quantity to frequency pulse signal (VF conversion) isolation transmitter: ISO U(A)-P-F
19、High isolation safety barrier for rail voltage monitoring: ISO EMH 4-20mA series
20、4-20mA loop signal low price 1-input&2-output isolated transmitter:DIN1X2 ISOD A4-P1-O1-O1
21、Millivolt analog tiny signal isolation amplifier isolation transmitter: ISO EM U-P-O-SD
22、Frequency signal (FV/FI conversion) isolation transmitter IC: ISO F-P-O
23、Analog isolation amplifier with one input and two output power distribution: DIN 1X1(2) ISO EM U(A)-P-O-S
24、Two-in&two-out input terminal distribution type analog signal isolation transmitter: DIN 2X2 ISO EM-S
25、1-in 3-out Analog Signal Isolation Amplifier/Converter:DIN 1X4 ISO EM
26、Two-wire low cost 4-20mA loop feed acquisition conditioner :SY 4-20mA-P
27、Analog signal conversion high precision amplifier transmitter: SY U(A)-P-O-B
28、Two-wire 4-20mA differential signal acquisition conditioner:SY C-A-P-O
29、The low cost and small size of displacement potentiometer resistance signal transmitter :SY R-P-O series
30、Low cost speed signal acquisition transmitter IC:SY S-P-O
31、Pt100/Cu50 two-wire passive type temperature signal loop isolation transmitter: SY Z-P-O 
32、Frequency pulse signal acquisition low cost small volume transmitter: SY F-P-O
33、Power frequency AC signal to analog signal two isolation transmitter: SY AC-P-O
34、Two-wire linear electronic ruler displacement sensor signal isolation transmitter IC:ISO R-P-O series
35、Input terminal distribution type isolation transmitter IC: ISO EM A(U)-P-O-S
36、Analog photo-electric isolation amplifier IC: ISO U(A)-P-O
37、(AC/DC) AC signal to analog signal isolation transmitter IC: ISO AC-P-O
38、Active load two-wire 4-20mA isolation controller IC: ISO 4-20mA-E

39、Two-wire 4-20mA Loop Powered Isolation Distributor:ISO 4-20mA-F
40、PWM pulse width modulation signal to analog voltage (current) signal isolation transmitter
41、Displacement Sensor Potentiometer Signal Transmitter IC:ISO R-P-O-A
42、Two-wire 4-20mA signal isolation conditioning IC: ISO 4-20mA-P
43、VF Transform analog to pulse frequency signal isolated transmitter IC:ISO U(A)-P-F
44、Pt100/Cu50 thermal resistance signal to frequency signal IC: ISO Z-W-P-F series.
45、Two-input &two-output analog signal magnetic isolation amplifier: DIN 2X2 ISO EM
46、Analog Signal Isolation Transmitter Amplifier with Distribution Power at input port:ISO EM-S Series
47、1-in 2-out DC Signal Isolation Transmitter:DIN1x2 ISOEM U(A)-P-O
48、Analog high current output isolation amplifier: DIN ISO-L
49、Speed sensor signal measurement isolation transmitter IC: ISO S-P-O
50、Passive isolation amplifier and isolation transmitter commonly used circuits
51、DIN3 series Two-wire passive 4-20mA current loop signal isolator
52、DIN3 Two-wire passive loop powered 4-20mA signal isolation distributor
52、DIN3 Two-wire passive 4-20mA current loop signal isolation conditioner

54、DIN3 Two-wire passive pulse width modulation (PWM) signal to 4-20mA analog signal isolation transmitter
55、AC current and voltage signal (AC/DC) isolation transmitter
56、DIN Rail RMS to 4-20mA/0-5V Isolation Transmitter:ISO RMS-P-O
57、Rail-Mounted type analog quantity to frequency signal linear isolation transmitter: DIN35 ISO U-P-F
58、Sine wave, square wave etc Pulse frequency signal FV / FI isolated converter:DIN 2X2 ISO F-P-O
59、DIN3 High precision frequency signal to analog signal (FV/FI conversion) two isolation transmitters
60、Mini Low Cost 4-20mA Current Loop Isolation Conditioner IC:ISOS 4-20mA-E
61、Mini Low Cost 4-20mA Current Loop Isolator IC:ISOS 4-20mA
62、AC signal to DC (AC/DC) intelligent transmission digital meter:DIN 1X1 ISO AC-P-O (LED1)
63、Programmable analog AD conversion isolation transmitter IC: ISO U(A)-P-D-Q
64、PWM Pulse to 4-20mA Isolation Transmitter IC:ISO D-P-O-Q
65、PWM two-wire passive pulse width modulation signal loop isolation
66、IC package isolation amplifier isolation transmitter signal and power supply part external protection circuit diagram
67、The newest application of isolation amplifier: field analog signal bandwidth and isolation transmitter frequency response matching technology
68、Analog signal optical fiber interface fully isolated optical transceiver: OFS U(A)-P-Q
69、4-20mA loop signal low price 1-input&2-output isolated transmitter:DIN1X2 ISOD A4-P1-O1-O1
70、Weighing and displacement resistance sensor analog quantity (V/I) to 4-20mA two-wire isolation transmitter
71、DC Current/Voltage Isolation Signal Transmitter IC:ISOEM U/A-P-O Series
72、Analog signal mini and low cost precision amplifier IC:SYS U-P-O
73、Small Size PWM Pulse Width Signal Conversion High Precision Isolated Transmitter IC:ISOS D-P-U
74、Displacement Potentiometer Signal Transmitter IC:SY R-P-O
75、Two-wire infinite loop feeding 4-20mA signal isolation power distribution IC: ISOS 4-20mA-F
76、Two-wire potentiometer signal to voltage and current signal isolation conditioner:ISO EM R-P-O
77、4-20mA loop signal low price 1-input&2-output isolated transmitter:DIN1X2 ISOD A4-P1-O1-O1
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