The 6KV high-isolation high-voltage output power supply module for medical instruments and equipment obtained a national patent

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 Sunyuan the newest developed GRE/GRF series isolated high voltage module dc-dc conveter with low cost ,small volume & wide voltage input. it is a high isolated regulated DC-DC high voltage converter in the industry and can be operates in a wide range of unstable voltage input environments. Also can generate isolated and stabilized DC high voltage output through the internal adjustment circuit of the module.The new GRF series item adopt SIP 12Pin (single row 12 pin) small volume modular design,  makes the product have higher DC / DC conversion efficiency with low cost integrated technology solution,The wide creepage distance and the design of new isolation material technology solutions of this product's internal make this high-voltage module power supply have 6000VDC high isolation characteristics of input and output and self-recovery overload short-circuit protection regulated output function.The design of high isolation technology used in the module power supply can effectively isolate the influence of common mode interference from the primary terminal equipment on the control system and can also effectively isolate the ground loop current of the primary terminal and the secondary terminal or the high voltage potential difference between the ground terminal in the system The safety impact of equipment and personnel. The products are widely used in blood analysis of medical equipment, petrochemical industry, laboratory instruments, ultrasonic instruments, power meters, communication facilities and other fields.

    SunYuan the newest product GRE series dc dc converter with low cost, small volume, wide voltage input isolation high voltage dual loop output which is widely used in the following instruments and equipments: nuclear testing instruments, electronic anesthesia machines, medical blood analysis, medical X-ray, medical CT, medical Imaging PET and MRI bone density testing, PM2.5 environmental monitoring, 3D printing, automatic test equipment, capacitor charge and discharge, chromatograph, mass spectrometer, carbon dioxide laser, cathode ray tube, photomultiplier tube, insulation breakdown test, electron beam exposure , Capillary gel electrophoresis, protein extraction, DNA sequencing, electrostatic chuck, display driver, flight simulation experiment, micro-channel plate, electrostatic coating, electrostatic flocking, electrostatic precipitator, oil fume and air purification, electrostatic spray (spraying, painting ), Image intensifier, industrial color printing, luggage inspection, food inspection, PCB inspection, nondestructive inspection, thickness gauge, focused ion beam microscope for photomask repair, ion implantation, magnetron, klystron, neutron generator , Spectrometer, agricultural demisting and dew production increase ...At present, Sunyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is efforts to continuously improve the isolated high-voltage power supply product line to meet the growing demands of power, medical, scientific research and other industries.
   Sunyuan Technology takes "customer's success, our value" as the business philosophy, and adheres to the requirements of ISO 2012 quality technology management system, insists on improving, improving and innovating, continuously improving product quality, reducing production cost, expanding product application range, Introduce new research and development products. In order to adapt to the current situation of the rapid development of electronic information technology and to meet the needs of customer product innovation and upgrading.
  Sunyuan Technology has 18 years of experience in design, production and application of DC-DC converter, isolation amplifier transmitter, data acquisition and two-wire transmission meter. The company's professional team of engineers has an big advantage over competitors in the same industry in terms of deeper understanding and design knowledge. It provides a large number of solutions for users who need to solve signal interference, signal load matching, ground wire isolation, power conversion, data acquisition, signal isolation, AD/DA conversion. Sunyuan's raw materials for each product are designed to produce high-stability products beyond the predetermined specifications, which guarantees good performance in a variety of harsh environments.


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