The Newest product of SUNYUAN :Programmable analog to PWM power control isolation amplifier

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  Sunyuan Technology is a Shenzhen high-tech enterprise in 2007 and a national high-tech enterprise in 2011 and 2014.Our company takes "customer's success, our value" as the business philosophy, and in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 2008 quality and technology management system, we insist on carrying out improvements, improvements, and innovations to continuously improve product quality, reduce production costs, expand product applications, and introduce new ones. Research and develop new products. In order to adapt to the current situation of the rapid development of electronic information technology and to meet the needs of customers for product development, innovation and upgrading.


  Sunyuan Technology has more than 10 years of design, production and application experience in DC-DC module power supplies, data acquisitions, isolation amplifiers, isolation transmitters, and display control instruments. The full range of products has more than 20 national patents and software copyrights.The company's professional engineer team has an absolute advantage over competitors in the same industry in terms of deeper understanding and design knowledge.Provide a large number of solutions for users who need to solve signal interference, signal load matching, ground isolation, power conversion, data acquisition, signal isolation, AD/DA conversion, etc.Each of Sunyuan’s products uses device raw materials that exceed the predetermined specifications to design and produce high-stability products, which ensure that the products exhibit good performance during operation in various harsh environments.

    SunYuan  DIN 1X1 ISO U(A)-P-D-L series products are programmable analog signal to PWM pulse width modulation high current control isolation transmitter newly developed by Sunyuan Technology, which can output 4-20mA/ 0-20mA/0-5V/0-10V and other analog signals are isolated and converted into PWM pulse width modulation power amplification control signals, and the PWM frequency programmable output is realized.The product is embedded with MCU single-chip AD input conversion control, and the output control design is divided into MOS tube open drain type (OD gate) passive PWM high current control output mode DIN 1X1 ISO U(A)-PD-L1 series and active PWM voltage pulse width control output mode DIN 1X1 ISO U(A)-PD-L2 series.The product adopts standard DIN35 rail installation method, low cost, small size, easy to use, and high reliability. It can be used for motor speed control, lighting dimming control, boiler temperature PWM precision control, etc., in rail transit, industrial control intelligence, robots, electric Automobiles, ship drives, automation equipment, CNC machine tools, energy-saving and environmental protection engineering, and energy-saving control of urban lighting in highway tunnels are widely used.
    SunYuan  DIN 1X1 ISO U(A)-P-D-L1 series open-drain passive PWM high-current control output mode is mainly used in the load itself. The receiving port is an active receiving port. The receiving port is equipped with a pull-up voltage and a current-limiting resistor. It is required to connect to the control occasions where the transmitter current is drawn into the power distribution mode.When the drain of the MOS tube is open, the sink current can reach 0~1A, and the output voltage amplitude of the PWM pulse width signal is determined by the external pull-up voltage. Open-drain passive PWM output products can realize analog signal input/PWM output/auxiliary power 3000VDC, three isolation.
    SunYuan  DIN 1X1 ISO U(A)-P-D-L2 series active PWM voltage pulse width control output mode can be used to directly drive high-power passive loads, such as stepper motors and precision temperature-controlled heaters, and the drive current can reach 0-1A , Has a strong load capacity.The amplitude of the PWM output voltage is determined by the power supply voltage of the module, so products with this output mode can only achieve isolation between the analog signal input terminal/PWM output terminal and the auxiliary power supply. The auxiliary power supply and the PWM output terminal share the same ground. Users can use it according to their own site. Need to choose the product corresponding to the output method.
    SunYuan  DIN 1X1 ISO U(A)-P-D-L series products integrate multiple high-isolation DC-DC power supplies, analog signal isolation amplification and conversion circuits, programmable MCUs, signal isolation control circuits, etc. in the same module, especially suitable for industrial field simulation Signal AD conversion isolation transmission, and fieldbus, Ethernet Internet of Things, PLC/DCS host computer to multi-channel sensor signal acquisition and analysis occasions.The integrated high-efficiency DC-DC isolated distributed power supply inside the product separately supplies power to the internal input conditioning circuit, micro single-chip AD conversion circuit and output signal isolation circuit. The SMD process structure and new technology isolation measures enable the device to achieve: 3000VDC isolation between analog signal input and auxiliary power supply and PWM signal output, and it can meet the requirements of industrial-grade harsh working environment with wide temperature, humidity and vibration.  

Detailed technical information:

● The analog signal is converted to high-power PWM control with sensitive resolution and fast response speed
● Very high linearity in the full range (non-linearity <0.5%)
● Two PWM output modes: MOS tube open drain type and voltage pulse output type
● There is 3000VDC three isolation between auxiliary power supply and signal input &output
● Auxiliary power supply: single power supply 10V~24VDC voltage value wide range power supply
● Low cost and small size, standard DIN35 rail installation
●Strong anti-EMC electromagnetic interference and high-frequency signal spatial interference characteristics
● Industrial temperature range:-40 ~ + 85 ℃

Typical application:
● Analog signal to PWM isolation transmission and long-term transmission
● Precision control of pulse width modulation signal in industrial field
● Energy saving control of electric control device for energy saving and emission reduction engineering
●Energy-saving control of urban lighting in highway tunnels
● Precise drive control of stepping motor, solenoid valve, proportional valve
●PID proportional adjustment power amplifier control
●Automatic selection and control of industrial boiler temperature
● PWM builds a multi-group AD converter system

Principle block diagram:

Model Selection:

Product selection example:
example 1:  Signal input: 0-10V; Signal output: PWM square wave, frequency 5KHz; open-drain suction current 1A; Auxiliary power supply: 24VDC; The corresponding product model: DIN 1X1 ISO U2-P1-D3-L1
Example 2: Signal input: 0-20mA; Signal output: PWM square wave, frequency 500Hz; open-drain suction current 1A; Auxiliary power supply: 12VDC; the corresponding product model: DIN 1X1 ISO A3-P1-D2-L1
Example 3: Signal input: 0-10V; Signal output: PWM square wave, frequency 2KHz; External output current 1A; Auxiliary power supply: 24VDC; the corresponding product model: DIN 1X1 ISO U2-P1-D3-L2
Example 4: Signal input: 4-20mA; Signal output: PWM square wave, frequency 10KHz; External output current 1A; Auxiliary power supply: 15VDC; the corresponding product model: DIN 1X1 ISO A4-P1-D4-L2

DIN 1X1 ISO U(A)-P-D-L1open-drain (OD gate) passive PWM output type typical application wiring diagram:

DIN 1X1 ISO U(A)-P-D-L2 active PWM output type typical application wiring diagram:
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