IC package 1-input & 2-output industry leading technology analog signal isolation amplifier won the national patent

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ISO EM U-P-O-O voltage input series and ISO EM A-P-O-O current input series 1 input 2 output low-cost and small-volume IC package analog isolation transmitter isolation amplifier, is a (sensor output) single-channel analog voltage or current signal through isolation , Distribution and conversion into two-channel hybrid integrated circuits with matching standard analog signals with matching accuracy and linearity. The IC integrates a high-isolation DC/DC distributed power supply and multiple sets of magnetoelectric coupling analog signal isolation amplifiers on the same chip. It adopts a low-cost solution of magnetoelectric coupling and is mainly used for EMC (electromagnetic interference) without special requirements. occasion. The wide creepage distance on the input and output sides and internal isolation measures enable the chip to reach 3KVDC for power supply, signal input, and two-channel signal output, with four isolations. ISO EM series single-signal input dual-output isolation transmitter IC products are very convenient to use, free of zero point adjustment, and only need an external gain adjustment potentiometer to realize the isolation, distribution, and conversion functions of various sensor signals in the industrial field, and can meet Industrial grade wide temperature, humidity, vibration and other harsh working environment requirements.

● Low cost, small size, directly soldered on the PCB board into the inside of the instrument
● It is very convenient to use, no zero point adjustment only needs external gain adjustment
●  Very high linearity in the full range (non-linearity <0.2%)
● Power/signal input/two-channel signal output 3000VDC four isolation
● Auxiliary power supply: 5VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC, 24VD single power supply
● Low-cost and ultra-small size, SIP-12 meets UL94V-0 standard flame-retardant package
● 0-75mV//0-5V/0-±100mV/0-±10V voltage signal 0-10mA/0-±20mA/4-20mA current signal isolation, amplification conversion
● Industrial temperature range:-45℃ ~ + 85℃

Typical application:
● One-way two-way display and monitoring of sensor signal
● Industrial field signal isolation, conversion and amplification, and long-term transmission
● 4-20mA signal one input and two output ground interference suppression
● Analog signal ground wire interference suppression and data isolation and acquisition
● Power monitoring, medical equipment isolation monitoring safety barrier
● Instrument and sensor signal receiving and sending detection
● 4-20mA/0-5V signal isolation, distribution and conversion
● Industrial field simulation and digital signal coexistence monitoring and transmission

Product selection example
Example 1:   signal input: 0-5V;   signal output 1: 0-5V; signal output 2: 4-20mA;    auxiliary power supply: 24VDC;    Corresponding product model:   ISO EM-U1-P1-O4-O1
Example 2:  Signal input: 4-20mA; Signal output 1: 0-5V; Signal output 2: 4-20mA;    Auxiliary power supply: 12VDC;    Corresponding product model:   ISO EM-A4-P2-O4-O1
Dimensions and typical application diagram

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