Automotive Grade Multifunctional high-precision isolation amplifier : ISO EM210 Series

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SunYuan  The ISO EM210 series analog signal isolation amplifier is a hybrid integrated circuit with magneto-electric coupling. The product is packaged in a low cost, small size DIP standard 38Pin metal case, which effectively shields field EMC space interference and is Pin-Pin compatible with the AD210 module. Multiple groups of isolated DC/DC conversion circuit and magneto-electric coupling signal isolation circuit are integrated inside the module, so that external only need to select a DC 5V/12V/15V/24V single power supply to complete the analog signal input/output/auxiliary power three-terminal isolation amplification and conversion technology, and support single-ended and positive and negative two-way DC signal input and output. ISO EM210 have comprehensive function design, it uses a non-fixed gain modeThe input signal is amplified by the preamplifier (gain 1-100) at the input end and then entered the internal modulator for modulation. The non-fixed gain input amplifier is convenient for users to flexibly configure and use according to the field working condition. Users can realize variable gain application through peripheral feedback gain resistance, etc. The modulated signal is transmitted to the output side through transformer coupling. The output is amplified after demodulation circuit demodulation.The three-isolation design structure of the module enables the device to satisfy the complete isolation of signal input, signal output and auxiliary power supply. By interrupting the grounding loop and leakage path measures, and suppressing common mode voltage and noise, the measurement accuracy is prevented and the accuracy and integrity of the measurement signal are improved, which is very suitable for single channel or multi-channel signal isolation applications. ISO EM210 adopts the low cost scheme of magnetoelectric coupling, mainly used for EMC (electromagnetic interference) without special requirements, the internal DC-DC isolation power supply in addition to supply power to the internal amplifier circuit, also can provide a group of ±15V/±10mA stable voltage isolation power supply to the input and output terminals. Used for two-wire sensor distribution or input preamplification, signal bias, differential circuit, bridge circuit reference power supply. The product can meet the requirements of wet, vibration and wide temperature range -40 ~ +125 ℃.


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