Bus data collector communication protocol setting method (ASCII/MODBUS RTU)

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   SunYuan 4-20mA analog to RJ45/RS232/RS485 series AD conversion multi-channel data collector, and RS232/RS485 to 4-20mA analog signal DA series data collector products, fully support ASCII characters or MODBUS RTU communication protocol, users The module accuracy can be calibrated by program control, and the module address and baud rate can be set by programming. Through the configuration of the software, it can match and collect various types of sensor signals to PLC, DCS or computer to monitor the use environment or control remote equipment. In response to the user's needs for external communication equipment, the user can set the product to ASCII characters or MODBUS RTU communication protocol. Taking ISO 4021 series data collector products as an example, how to set ASCII characters or MODBUS RTU communication protocol is described through the field wiring diagram. The setting method of other (SY AD series / ISO AD series) data acquisition products is similar to ISO 4021 series products, please refer to ISO 4021 setting method.

      Products are widely used in Ethernet Internet of Things analog quantity, digital quantity RJ45 interface data acquisition, RS232/RS485 interface field bus industrial automation control system, various sensor analog signal measurement, monitoring and control, measurement of small signals (precision better than 0.05% ) And industrial field signal long-line distortion-free transmission, remote anti-interference isolation monitoring and other occasions.

Bus software setting steps:


Introduction to related products of Sunyuan Technology Data Collector
1. ISO 4021 series: analog to RS232/485 (AD conversion) bus data collector


2、ISO DA Series:Bus RS232/485 to analog (DA conversion) bus data collector



3、ISO AD08/16 series: Multi-channel isolated analog to RS232/485 (AD conversion) bus data collector


4、SY AD 02C series: multi-channel analog with temperature detection to RS232/485 (AD conversion)Bus data collector


5、SY AD 02/04/08-RJ45 series: Ethernet, Internet of Things multi-channel analog to RJ45 (AD conversion) bus data collector


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