• 2.Two-wire passive loop-fed 4-20mA signal isolation distributor: ISOS 4-20mA-F/ISO 4-20mA-F/ISOH 4-20mA-F

  • ISOS 4-20mA-F/ISO 4-20mA-F/ISOH 4-20mA-F series products adopt Sunyuan Technology's unique electromagnetic isolation coupling, high-efficiency loop power stealing invention patent technology, and internal current signal modulation and demodulation Circuit, signal coupling isolation conversion circuit, and a high-efficiency DC-DC boost circuit, etc. The DC-DC boost circuit is a two-wire passive sensor or PLC, DCS equipment power distribution 16V~21.5VDC, which facilitates the signal measurement, remote transmission, isolation and other functions of some passive sensors, and satisfies the user’s site without external auxiliary The power supply realizes the need for long-distance and distortion-free signal transmission. The IC output is designed for a two-wire power supply circuit (field explosion-proof function) connected in series with 24VDC and sampling resistance (or load resistance). It is the same as the analog input interface board (host computer), PLC, DCS commonly used in industrial fields. Or the analog input ports of other instruments containing active loads are matched. The internal integration process and new technology isolation measures enable the device to meet the requirements of 3KVDC insulation voltage and industrial-grade wide temperature, humidity, and vibration on-site harsh environments.
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