• 7.Two-wire passive loop-fed analog signal isolation transmitter:ISO U-O/ISO A-O/ISO R-O

  • ISO U-O (voltage signal), ISO A-O (current signal), ISO R-O (resistance signal) series products are the industry's smallest volume and low-cost passive loop-fed analog signal isolation amplifier IC newly developed by Sunyuan. The IC has a unique high-efficiency loop power stealing technology, which does not require an external working power supply, but provides power supply work through the feed mode of the downstream current output loop. The product can be adapted to a variety of analog signal inputs, and the active signal of the two-wire/three-wire/four-wire general sensor is amplified, adjusted, and isolated and transmitted, and then output 4~20mA/2-10mA/4-12mA/4-8mA/12-20mA A variety of two-wire analog current signals such as.
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