• 11.Two-wire passive PWM to analog signal isolation transmitter IC: ISO D-O

  • SunYuan ISO D-O1 is an micro-size low power consumption passive integrated transmitter IC designed for the isolated conversion from PWM pulse width signal into 2-wire 4-20mA signal. That IC operates in current loop powered in output terminal mode, it receives PMM signal from input, and converts it into corresponding isolated 4-20mA standard 2-wire current signal in linearity. SunYuan ISO D-O1 series PWM Pulse width transmitter is a kind of integrated mixed circuits which can convert the duty ratio of PWM signal into isolated standard current signal. The transmitter IC is in low cost, small size standard SIP 8Pin flame-retardant package. It has combined with the following circuits: signal coupling isolated conversion circuit, precision reference voltage source switching control circuit, low-pass filtering circuit, driving and amplification circuit, VI conversion circuit, etc. The output loop powered power supply range is 12-36VDC, PWM signal is converted in high accuracy and linearity. The hybrid integrated circuit and isolated technique used enable that transmitter IC to operate in 3KV isolation between input and output and operate normally in the severe operating environment, like high/low temperature, humidity, shake, etc in industrial site.
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