• Analog positive and negative output linear regulation control isolation amplifier: DIN 1X1 ISO PN-U(A)-P-O series

  • A kind of amplifier that isolates and amplifies the input unidirectional or positive and negative bi-directional voltage and current signals and converts them into positive and negative bi-directional high current signal output type with linear proportional output. It mainly realizes the linear proportional conversion and isolation amplification of the input signal to solve the problem of insufficient input signal matching and driving capability. The product consists of a set of high-efficiency regulated power conversion circuit, a set of high-precision isolated amplification conversion circuit and a set of power amplification circuit. Mainly used in the current signal or voltage signal drive capacity requirements of high occasions, can also be used to drive solenoid valves, electromagnetic switches or high-power load, etc.. The product adopts the standard DIN35 industrial rail mounting method, and is widely used in robot control, CNC machine tools, energy saving and environmental protection, petrochemical industry, water industry, hydraulic transmission, industrial automation and other fields.

DIN1X1 ISO PN U(A)-P-O- 分割PDF.jpg

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