• 19.10KV high isolation analog signal two isolation transmitter ISOH U(A)-P-O series

  • SunYuan ISOH series is a kind of DC (voltage/current) analog signal isolation amplifier with low cost, small size (Sip 16Pin) and 10KVAC high voltage isolation. Which is the highest voltage isolation amplifier IC on the market and developed by Sunyuan Technology. This isolation amplifier is a magneto-electric isolated analog hybrid integrated circuit, inside the IC, there is a 10KV isolated DC / DC conversion power and a set of magneto-electric coupled analog signal isolation amplifier. The isolation amplifier using low cost magneto-electric coupled solution, it is mainly used in places with no special requirements for EMC (Electromagnetic Space Interference). Wide creepage distance and internal isolation measures on the signal input and output sides make the amplifier module reach 10KVAC isolation. In addition to powering the internal amplifier circuit, the isolated power inside the module can also provide a set of 5V (maximum 3mA) DC distribution power for external circuits to expand at the input side, such as bridge circuits, small signal amplifier circuits,and reference circuits, etc. ISOH series products are very convenient to use, it can realize the isolation, amplification, conversion and transmission of industrial field signals without zero & gain adjustment and any other components. ISOH can realize high-precision, high-linearity and 10KV anti-EMC high isolation transmission, conversion and amplification of signals between industrial field sensors and instruments, PLC, DCS. Products include IC PCB package and DIN35 Rail-mounted packaging, It is widely used in rail traffic voltage monitoring, power generator or electric motor safety operation monitoring, electric power transmission and distribution long distance monitoring, signal transmission and reception between instrument and meter, medical equipment isolation safety barrier, industrial intelligent control, nuclear power, etc. field.
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