• 21.Zero point,gain free adjustment Active DC voltage (current) signal three isolation transmitter isolation amplifier ISOEM U(A)-P-O series

  • Sunyuan ISO EM series isolation amplifier is a hybrid integrated circuit that isolates, amplifies and converts industrial field analog signals. The IC integrates a multi-isolated DC/DC conversion power supply and a set of magnetic-electrically coupled analog signal isolation transmitters on the same chip. It is mainly used in occasions where there is no special requirement for EMC (electromagnetic interference). The wide creepage distance on the input and output sides and internal isolation measures enable the chip to achieve 3000VDC triple isolation between the auxiliary power supply and the signal input and signal output. ISO EM series products are very convenient to use, free of zero point and gain adjustment. The product has two installation methods: PCB board welding and standard DIN 35 rail card slot fixing. The rail type installation can realize the functions of one input and three output, and two input and two output for analog signals. And it can meet the requirements of industrial-grade harsh working environment with wide temperature, humidity and vibration.

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