• 22.Mini low-cost high-precision analog signal amplifier transmitter: SYS U-P-O /SYS A-P-O series

  • SYS U/APO series analog voltage and current signal amplification transmitter IC adopts a small size (single row four pins, SIP4 Pin) low-cost design scheme, mainly used to solve the 0-2.5 between sensor and instrumentation, PLC, DCS interface matching V/0-5V/1-5V/0-10V/0-20mA/4- 20mAand other standard analog quantity and non-standard analog signal conversion problem. The product has the characteristics of ultra-high precision(0.05% error of full scale) and high linearity (0.1% error of full scale). The design adopts a common ground between the working power supply and the signal channel, without external adjustment potentiometers and other components, and no zero point and gain The simplified adjustment scheme is suitable for conversion and amplification of analog signals with zero offset in field instruments For example,the input signal zero point of 1-5V and 0-5V, 4-20mAand 0-10V is biased, and the output signal zero point needs to be set to "0"), which can realize the simulation between industrial field instrument equipment interfaces Signal matching, conversion and remote transmission and amplification functions. SYS U-P-O series and SYS A-P-O series products adopt advanced feedback zero adjustment technology, which can ensure the high accuracy of the zero point and full scale value within the signal input and output range. Due to the size limitation, the internal power supply of the product is not boosted and isolated, so the power supply voltage for the product must be higher than the signal output voltage by more than 2VDC. (For example: the output signal is 0-5V, the power supply voltage needs to be above 7VDC, and 9VDC or 12VDC power supply can be selected). If the user needs full isolation between the signal and the working power supply, please choose our company's ISO EM U-P-O or ISO EM A-P-O series products.
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