• 23.Low cost, small size, high precision analog signal two isolation transmitter: SY U-P-O /SY A-P-O series

  • Remark 1:SY U-P-O series and SYA-P-O series products adopt advanced feedback zero adjustment technology to ensure that the input and output zero heights are consistent. Due to the volume limitation, there is no zero bias circuit inside the current output product, so when selecting the model, pay attention to the fact that the input and output zero points cannot be biased. Such as: input 0-20mA, output 4-20mAor input 0- 5V, output 4-20mA, etc., these signal input and output have zero offset (not zero-to-zero) can not use SIP 8Pin pin small size SY non-isolated series product. You can use our company's SIP 12Pin SY series products or ISO series products to realize the conversion. The non- isolated SY series of SIP 12Pin is compatible with the Pin Pin of the isolated ISO series of photoelectric isolation products. Please refer to the ISO series isolation amplifier product technical data. Remark2:If the user does not need to isolate the auxiliary power supply and the signal during product selection,please specify when ordering. We make in-house craftsmanship during production, and we agree to add a letter "B" after the product model to distinguish it when leaving the factory. Such as: SY U3-P4-O1-B.

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