• 34.Analog signal to frequency signal (VF/IF conversion) isolation transmitter: ISO U(A)-P-F series

  • SunYuan DC voltage signal (DIN 1X1 ISO U-P-F) or current signal (DIN 1X1 ISO A-P-F) VF converter is an isolation transmitter isolation amplifier that converts analog isolation into corresponding digital pulse frequency signals.The isolation transmitter has built-in multiple groups of high-isolation DC/DC distributed power supplies, which respectively supply power for the internal input end amplifier circuit, modulation circuit, output end demodulation circuit, conversion circuit, and filter circuit. At the same time, it also supplies power to several high-performance Signal isolation, AD conversion, linearization compensation, interference suppression circuit, etc.The signal input and output circuits, and the auxiliary power circuit are equipped with multiple protection devices such as TVS tubes, PPTC resettable fuses, and two-way suppression diodes. The products have been inspected and corrected before they leave the factory, and users can use them directly.The SMD process structure and new technology isolation measures enable the device to achieve: 3000VDC three isolation for power supply and signal input/output. And it can meet the harsh working environment requirements of industrial grade wide temperature, humidity, vibration and other on-site. DIN 35 rail-mounted 1-input&2-output, 2-input&2-output analog signal to frequency VF isolation converter, which is mainly composed of ISO series analog signal to frequency signal (V/F conversion) isolation transmitter IC.The ISO U(A)-P-F integrated module is very convenient to use. Customers only need to connect the zero point and full-scale potentiometer for calibration to realize the isolation and transmission of the sensor analog signal and convert it into a unit pulse signal.The product can be made according to user-defined parameter requirements, and the installation method is standard SIP 16Pin PCB board welding installation or DIN 35 rail installation. Especially suitable for frequency modulation and phase modulation, analog-to-digital AD converters, GPRS/GMS wireless data transmission, digital voltmeters, data measuring instruments and remote telemetry and remote control equipment.
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