• 36.Potentiometer,electronic ruler,angular displacement resistance sensor signal isolation resistance: ISO R-P-O / SY R-P-O series

  • Sunyuan ISO V-4-20mA and ISO R-P-O series isolation amplifier is a kind of integrated circuit that convert and isolate position resistance signal into standard signal that linear to resistance according to change in size. It integrated a set that multi-channel high isolated DC-DC converter, some high-powered signal isolator, and resistance linearization, long-term compensation, interference suppression circuit in single chip. Especially apply to convert/isolate resistance signal to standard signal, transmission of position signal, Electrical ruler、angular transducer signal isolation, acquisition and conversion. The inner of the chip integrated high-efficiency DC-DC converter that produce two sets isolated power separately supply for inner input port amplifier circuit, modulator circuit and output port demodulator circuit,conversion circuit, filter circuit. SMD technology and new technique quarantine measure made it can achieve among working power supply, signal input, signal output arrive 2500V AC isolation voltage, and meet industrial site temperature/humidity/vibration different environment requirements. ISO V-4-20mA and ISO R-P-O series position signal isolation amplifier is easy to use, only need a few external component, then can realize position resistance signal transducer and isolation. And can realize industrial site one in two out and even one in four out.

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