• 37.Two-wire displacement resistance signal isolation conditioner: ISO EM R-P-O series

  • Sunyuan ISO EM R-P-O Series resistance signal conditioner is a kind of integrated circuit which isolate and convert resistance signal to voltage or current analog signal linear with resistance according to the resistance value change. This IC integrates a set of multiple high-isolation DC/DC power supplies and a set of magnetic and electrical coupling analog signal isolation amplifiers on the same chip, and built-in precision constant current source excitation circuit. It is especially suitable for isolation and converting two-wire potentiometer/resistance signal to standard signal, resistance signal’s conversion and long-distance non-distortion transmission, and industrial field displacement resistance signal isolation, acquisition and conversion. SMD process structure and new technology isolation measures enable this device to achieve: 3-port 3KVDC isolation between auxiliary power,input signal and output signal, and meet the requirements of industrial-grade harsh working environment with wide temperature, humidity and vibration. ISO EM R-P-O series displacement resistance signal isolation amplifier is very convenient to use,only a few external components are needed to realize the isolated transmission of the resistancesignal. And it can realize the function of converting industrial field resistance control signals into standard analog voltage and current signals: one in and one out, one in and two out, and two in and two out.
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