• 41.Speed sensor pulse signal isolation transmitter: ISO S-P-O/ SY S-P-O series

  • ISO S-P-O Series transmitter is a kind of isolation will speed sensor signal, sine wave, sawtooth wave signal or a weak signal isolation converted into fully consistent with the input frequency square wave signal hybrid integrated circuit. The product on the same chip integrates a group of multi-channel high-isolation DC / DC power supply, a high-performance signal isolation and signal amplification and shaping circuits. Especially suitable for the speed, sine wave signal isolation, etc. to convert the standard square wave pulse signal, the current velocity measurements in the automotive and automotive ABS anti-lock braking system widely used. ISO S-P-O-chip integration of high-efficiency DC-DC isolated power supply can produce multiple, respectively, to internal input amplifier circuit, modulation circuit power supply, and output of the demodulation circuit, the conversion circuit, shaping circuitry. SMD process structures and new technology quarantine measures to enable the device to achieve: power, signal input / output isolation 3000VDC ,and can meet the industrial wide temperature, humidity, vibration, poor working-site environmental requirements. ISO S-P-O series of isolated transmitter is very easy to use, no additional external components,you can achieve the transmission speed sensor signal isolation.

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