• 42.Analog signal to fiber interface fully isolated optical transceiver: OFS U(A)-P-Q series A-type optical transmitter

  • SunYuan OFS Series Analog Signal to Fiber Optic Signal Isolated Transceiver: OFS U(A)-O-Q, is a kind of high-tech low cost long-distance programmable transmission fiber optic isolated transmitter. It can be used to convert analog signal (from sensors, PLC/DCS, meters or transmitter) into fiber optical signal after isolated transmission and amplification. The isolated transmitter realizes sensor signal, meters/transmitter signal, and other analog signal high speed non-distorted long-distance transmission to provide convenience solution for user to do remote control. SunYuan OFS U/A-P-Q module is designed by using analog amplification and conversion circuit, programmable MCU, signal control circuit, etc. It mainly applied to convert fiber optic signal into analog signal AD conversion. It also applied in remote data acquisition and control on MCU, CAN BUS, Ethernet, PLC/DCS Host machine system and sensors, meters signal. The internal 8-50VDC wide range DC-DC isolation power module provides power supply to internal output conditioning circuit, DA conversion circuit and output signal isolated circuit. The SMD technique and new isolation measures used enable the module withstand 3000VDC isolation among input, output, power supply and meets the standard required in high low temperature, humidity, vibration, etc severe environment. SunYuan OFS U/A-P-Q Series module is easy to use. It realized analog to fiber optical signal isolated transmission without any external components. The module is designed with DIN35 standard DIN Rail-mounted package (or metal case) and widely used in mining, oil chemistry, electric devices, medical equipment, industrial automatic, new energy facility, etc fields; user can select it based on the actual conditions.
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