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  • 6.8-channel/16-channel anti-interference input channel isolated smart sensor module: ISO AD 08/16 series

  • ISOAD series products realize signal safety isolation and high-precision digital acquisition and transmission between sensor and host. They are widely used in RS-232/485 bus industrial automation control system, 4-20mA / 0-5V signal measurement / Pt100 and other thermal resistance measurement. Monitoring and control, small signal measurement and remote monitoring of industrial field signal isolation and long-line transmission. Software configuration allows access to a wide range of sensor types, including current output, voltage output, and thermocouples. The product includes power isolation, signal isolation, linearization, A/D conversion and RS-485 serial communication and other functional modules. Each serial port can connect up to 256 ISOAD series modules. The communication mode adopts ASCII code character communication protocol or MODBUS RTU communication protocol. The instruction set is compatible with ADAM module. The baud rate can be set by the user and can be linked with other manufacturers' control modules. On the same RS-485 bus, it is convenient for host programming. The ISOAD series products are intelligent monitoring and control systems based on single-chip microcomputers. All userset calibration values, addresses, baud rates, data formats, checksum status and other configuration information are stored in the non-volatile memory EEPROM. ISOAD series products are designed and manufactured according to industry standards. The signal input/output is isolated,can withstand 3000VDC isolation voltage, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability. Wide operating temperature range - 45 ° C ~ +80 ° C.

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