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  • 10.IOT/Ethernet digital signal acquisition isolation transmitter smart sensor: SY DDN—RJ45 /RS485 series

  • SY DDN-RJ45/RS485 relay output and isolated digital input module can be used to measure the status of six switches and control six relay outputs. It supports Ethernet Modbus TCPprotocol and RTU protocol. Digital input: 6 isolated digital inputs, support switch contact signal and level signal, support counter function (mode configurable), and support rising/falling edge latch function. Relay output: 6 relay outputs, support independent switch control, support power-on state setting, and support programmable pulse width output. If RS485 interface is required, there are up to 5 relay outputs. Communication interface: 1 standard 100/10Mbps Ethernet interface or RS485 interface.Communication protocol: Support Modbus TCP /RTU communication protocol. It can realize network communication with various brands of PLC and computer monitoring systems. Anti-interference: The checksum can be set as required. There are transient suppression diodes inside the module, which can effectively suppress various surge pulses, protect the module, and the internal digital filtering can also well suppress the power frequency interference from the power grid.

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