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  • 5.4-20mA current loop signal intelligent display control isolator: DIN 1X1 ISO 4-20mA (LED1)

  • Sunyuan DIN 1X1 ISO 4-20mA (LED) Current Loop Signal Intelligent LED Digital Meter adopts low power consumption current loop circuits and electricity stealing technology, which has the following functions: display, alarm, isolated transmission. The product consists of current signal modulation and demodulation circuits, signal coupling isolated conversion circuits, display and alarm controlling circuits. The small input equivalent resistance used achieves the ultra wide voltage input range (12 ~ 36VDC) which meets the users’ various requirements in signal isolation, display, alarm, long-distance transmission without distortion in passive mode. Internal integration and new isolation technologies enable the device to reach 3KDC insulation voltage and meet industrial grade temperature, humidity, shake harsh environmental requirements. DIN1X1 ISO 4-20mA (LED)series are easy to use, standard DIN35 rail mounting design, convenient for users to install and use. The products can achieve 4-20mA current loop signal isolation, display and control functions without external power supply and other components.
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