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  • 6.DIN 1X1 ISO 4-20mA-E (LED1) active load two-wire 4-20mA current loop display control isolation conditioner

  • SunYuan DIN 1X1 ISO 4-20mA-E (LED1) is an intelligent two-wire active sensor 4-20mA signal display control isolation conditioner, which can convert the input active 4-20mA current signal into an isolated passive control Signal output, control two-wire power supply (explosion-proof mode) 4-20mA current loop.The sensor signal acquisition is matched with the active load of the analog input interface, which effectively solves the problem of the power conflict between the acquisition of the active 4-20mA current signal and the receiving port of the two-wire current loop power supply loop.Using low-power loop power stealing technology, the product does not need an independent power supply, and integrates display, alarm, isolation, conditioning and transmission. The product contains current signal modulation and demodulation circuit, signal coupling isolation conversion circuit, display and alarm control circuit. Wait.The small input equivalent resistance enables the IC to collect the voltage value of the current signal from the sensor output loop to an ultra-wide range (5~32VDC) to meet the needs of users without external auxiliary power supply and realize long-distance signal transmission without distortion Needs.It facilitates functions such as signal matching measurement, remote transmission, isolation, and display. The internal integration process and new technology isolation measures enable the device to meet the requirements of 3KDC insulation voltage and industrial-grade wide temperature, humidity, and vibration on-site harsh environments.
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