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  • 7.DIN 1X1 ISOEM (LED1) series analog DC voltage (current) signal magnetic isolation display control transmitter

  • SunYuan DIN 1X1 ISOEM(LED1) Series Intelligent isolation transmitter can amplify and convert analog current or voltage signal into high linear high accuracy signal and display the output signal in LED meter. That isolation transmitter has isolation, display, and alarm control functions all in one. Inside the isolation transmitter, there are high efficiency dc dc power conversion circuit, signal modulation and demodulation circuit, signal coupling isolated conversion circuit, display and alarm control circuits, etc. It is specially applied in 0-75mV, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-1mA, 0-20mA, 4-20mA analog signal isolated transmission, display and controlling. That intelligent transmitter is designed by using electro-magnetic isolation solution; it is mainly used in the fields without any special requirements on EMC (magnet-electric interference). The internal technique structures and new isolation measure used make the isolation transmitter can withstand 3Kvdc isolationamong input, output, power supply and meet the industrial grade wide range temperature , humidity, vibration requirements in industrial site. It has revere polarity connection protection, overload, anti-surge and other multiple protection circuits, and works without any external components to do zero or gain adjustment. Standard 35mm DIN Rail-mounted case makes it easy to install.
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