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  • 1.Panel embedded small size two-wire passive 4-20mA intelligent digital display meter: SY LED1

  • SunYuan SY LED1 low-cost, small size four-digit two-wire passive intelligent loop 4-20mA current digital display meter, using passive design input and output two wires in series to connect to the transmitter 4-20mA loop, which can be The 4-20mA analog quantity passing through the loop will be displayed as a decimal digital quantity corresponding to the set range linearly.The SY LED1 digital display meter adopts the two-wire passive working principle. The electrical signal passed in the measuring loop is used as the input signal of the display meter and the working power supply of the display meter. This two-wire passive working mode, No need for external auxiliary power supply, so the wiring is simple and convenient, small in size, high in accuracy, and low in cost.The traditional analog display meter is adjusted by a potentiometer, and the adjustment parameters are single, inflexible, and greatly affected by temperature.Compared with the traditional analog display meter, this digital display meter adopts two-key operation and is controlled by the central processing unit CPU. It can realize the setting of various parameters such as zero point, full scale, decimal point, alarm, and delay. Strong flexibility and practicality.The digital display adopts an LED display. This display uses the principle of constant current drive to make the brightness of each segment in the range of 4-20mAuniform, and has reverse and overcurrent protection. It is suitable for industrial sites, petrochemicals, environmental monitoring, and mining. The industry monitors the control points of physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, flow, and liquid level.In most applications, physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, flow, and liquid level are converted into 4-20mAelectrical signals through various related sensors, and then connected to a digital display to convert physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, flow, and liquid level. It is displayed in real time, which is convenient for users to control all-round on-site. SY LED1 digital display meter is used to measure 4-20mA DC current signal, without external power supply and take power to measure on the 4-20mA loop signal directly .The displayed number is not the direct current measurement value, but the preset value of 4mA and 20mA, and the measured value is displayed linearly with respect to these two preset values. For example, 4mA is set to 1000, 20mA is set to -1000; when 12mA is input, 0 is displayed. The maximum display range of the four digits of the digital display is 9999, and the minimum is -1999.

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