• 25.Zero point and gain adjustable type DC voltage (current) signal photoelectric isolation transmitter isolation amplifier: ISO U(A)-P-O series

  • SUNYUAN ISO Series Analog Photoelectric Isolated Amplifier/Transmitter is a kind of modules with hybrid integrated circuit inside which generates the signals with according matchable precision and linearity after the isolation,amplification, distribution, conversion process to the analog signals between sensors and PLC, instruments. In the IC, there are one multi-isolation DC/DC transforming power and a set of photo-electric coupling analog signal isolated amplifier/transmitter. And by employing internal isolation technique, proper I/O side cree-page distance, the isolated voltage of signal transmitter is up to 3000VDC. Linear photo-electric coupling technique is employed in ISO Series Analog Photo-electric Amplifier/Transmitter which mainly used in the fields or equipments where there are no special requirements on EMC (Photo-electric interference). The Zero, Gain adjustment and calibration on full scale are available through external multi-turn potentiometer to make it easy to do calibration and adjustment based on the operating states of the equipments in the industrial site. The transmitter is widely applied in electric monitoring control, PLC, DCS, FCS, frequency converter,meters and instruments, medical equipments, industrial automatic equipments and other equipments or fields where electric measuring, isolated acquisition and control are required
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