• 26.4-20mA loop signal one input and two output low-cost isolation distributor: DIN 1X2 ISOD series

  • SunYuan DIN 1X2 ISOD series 4-20mA signal one-in-two-out isolation distributor is a kind of analog 4-20mA current loop signal output from industrial field instruments and sensors, PLC/DCS, etc., after isolation and distribution into precision, linear Two-way standard 4-20mA signal distribution module with matching degree and impedance. The module integrates two sets of high isolation analog signal isolation amplifier circuits, and adopts a low-cost solution of magnetoelectric coupling, which is mainly used in occasions where there is no special requirement for EMC (electromagnetic interference). The wide creepage distance between product input and output and channels and internal isolation measures enable the module to achieve 3000VDC four-isolation between signal input/output1/output2/auxiliary power supply. DIN 1X2 ISOD series 4-20mA signal one-in-two-out isolation distributor is very convenient to use, it is installed and used without zero and gain adjustment. The product adopts the standard DIN 35 rail card slot fixed installation method, which can realize the one-in-two-out signal isolation distribution and amplification function of various sensors, instruments, PLCs and other 4-20mA current signals in the industrial field, and can meet the industrial-grade wide temperature and humidity , Vibration and other harsh working environment requirements.
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